CD/DVD Inserts

CD/DVD Inserts
CD/DVD Inserts

Make your media cases stand out with high-quality CD/DVD inserts printed on professional-grade gloss paper.

CD/DVD Inserts

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    Our standard CD insert is a single, flat piece that fits into the front of a jewel case (4.75" square).

    Our standard DVD insert is a single, wrap-around style piece that fills the front, spine, and back of a DVD case (7.125" high by 10.75" wide).

    If you require a different insert type, please select "Request a Custom Quote" at the bottom of this order form or call us at 501-663-5411.

  3. *Color Options


    For CD inserts, "Front" refers to what can be seen through the front of a clear CD case.  "Back" refers to the other side of that sheet, which can be seen when the case is open.  If you want a piece that fits in the back and/or spine of the CD case, please select "Get a Custom Quote" at the bottom of this order form or call us at 501-663-5411.


    For DVD inserts, "Front" refers to the visible area of a single sheet that wraps around the front, spine and back of a DVD case.  A printed back is not available since the back of the paper is not visible once the sheet has been inserted into the case.

    Front: Full-Color
    Back: Unprinted
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    Note: For critical-deadline turnaround, please call 501-663-5411 once your order has been placed to inform us of your deadline.
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    Print-ready means the document does not need to be altered in any way before printing. This includes updating information, correcting typos, replacing images, resizing the document, etc.  Print-ready documents also need to include all necessary crop marks and bleeds (see our glossary for more information).  We recommend these files be sent in pdf format.

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    PLEASE NOTE: If you designed your document yourself or if it came from a freelance artist (designs purchased through Etsy, for instance), it is possible that the file does not include the crop marks and bleeds necessary for a professionally-printed piece. We'll do what we can to remedy this. If our tricks don't work on the file you've provided, we'll let you know so we can work out a solution.

    No Print-Ready Document?

    No problem! Our talented graphic designers can create a custom, professional-level design for you, and usually for a fraction of the cost of hiring a freelance artist, design firm or advertising agency.

    You can use the "Comments" section below to give us any directions on what you want your custom design to look like. This information can be as specific or as general as you like.

    If you have elements you'd like to upload for us to include, you can click on the "Attach a File" button below. This could include a company logo, a family photo, an illustration or graphic, or an Excel Spreadsheet with your mailing list. If your printed piece just has a few lines of text, you can include that in the "Comments" section below. If, however, it is going to include a significant amount of text, you may want to consider uploading a Microsoft Word or Apple Pages document with the text you want to include. Just because you're paying for design work doesn't mean you have to pay for typing, so this may a great way to save money. We'll incorporate the formatting options like colors, typestyles, font sizes, tabs, alignment, etc. during the design process, so you can literally just type the text into a blank document, save it and upload it below.
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